Astrology Predictions for 31 March-6 April 2013



Greetings Friends!

Welcome to the end of March and Happy Easter!  Moon in Sagittarius is a fun, upbeat energy that also encompasses the subject of faith, so hopefully if you’re celebrating Easter it’s a really great day for you and yours!

We begin the work week under a void of course Moon, so make Monday all about cleaning up and finishing old projects–which also matches nicely with the end of Mercury’s retrograde shadow on the 6th, this coming Saturday.  The one fly in the ointment this week is the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn; there were probably a few bumps in the road for your pet projects this past lunar cycle and now’s the time to sort through some of those challenges in preparation for a new lunar cycle beginning next week!  Before I begin the forecast, please note that the times indicated in this blog are PDT.

31 March 2013 (4 Stars):  Ordinarily this would have been a five star day, but we have a total of 10 aspects today, five of which which are challenging, beginning with Venus forming a square to Pluto at 3:10 AM; look out for manipulations on the love/sex front if you’re up and about in the wee hours of the day.  That aspect is quickly followed by a Moon-Neptune square at 3:15 AM, so beware of deceptive dealings from others and even some confused thinking of your own.  Put off decision making until you have more mental clarity as self sabotage or sabotage from others is a definite possibility at this time.

Spring has sprung and our thoughts turn to optimism and love when Venus forms a sextile to Jupiter at 7:49 AM–just don’t use that optimism as an excuse to party hearty with your credit cards.  Creative downloads, surprises and wild, wacky fun with friends arrives via a Moon-Uranus trine at 10:41 AM, so enjoy!  The Moon trine the Sun at 3:14 PM offers you intuitive help with your key projects; create a time table to act on your hot new ideas as soon as possible.  Careful balancing of time, money or your energy is called for when the Moon opposes Jupiter at 4:03 PM; moderation and compromise are key to not getting yourself into hot water at this time.  Spend time with loved ones when the Moon trines Venus at 4:44 PM, but table plans for communicating with others when the Moon squares Mercury at 7:13 PM as you’re likely to find your efforts don’t yield the desired result.

Creative projects may run into major obstacles from a boss, VIP or other bigwig when the Sun squares Pluto at 8:03 PM, so be prepared.  You’ll want to take steps to fend off insomnia when the Moon forms a trine to Mars at 10:00 PM; hopefully that cup of coffee or tea you had late in the day won’t keep you awake!  And if you can’t sleep, there’s always the 24 hour gym…or a romantic tryst–whichever you prefer!  The Moon is void of course after that aspect until late Monday evening;  table plans for launching new projects until the Moon switches signs tomorrow.

1 April 2013 (1 Star):  This day boasts just one aspect, a sextile between the Sun and Jupiter at 5:24 AM–great for boosting one’s creativity and optimism, if you’re up that is.  The day is spent in void of course la-la land though, so you may choose to de-clutter or rest rather than take the world by storm just yet.

It’s time to focus on your career goals when the Moon enters Capricorn at 10:35 PM and remember to be prudent and conservative in your spending habits for the next couple of days as well.

2 April 2013 (3 Stars):  The Moon sextile Neptune at 5:48 AM may offer you some prophetic dreams, so make sure you capture them upon waking.  Challenges with electronic equipment or erratic behavior from others is possible when the Moon squares Uranus at 1:25 PM.  Clean up, organize and plan your key projects when the Moon forms a sextile to Saturn at 3:35 PM and then take time to connect with centers of influence in your industry when the Moon conjoins Pluto at 6:10 PM.

The Last Quarter Moon clocks in at 9:36 PM (Moon square Sun; 13 degrees of Capricorn); if one of your goals–particularly a career goal, has run aground, it’s now time to get out your thinking cap and figure out a new plan of action.  This is also a good time to pat yourself on the back for any goals you can tick off your goals list for this lunar cycle!  Next week’s New Moon will offer you an opportunity to relaunch any endeavors that fell flat this cycle.

3 April 2013 (1 Star):  The Moon square Venus at 12:13 AM may have you lying awake worrying over love or money matters.  Not to worry as you may have a new idea to resolve some of your challenges when the Moon forms a sextile to Mercury at 1:57 AM, but the Moon square Mars at 3:35 AM may find you feeling angry or frustrated (possibly because you’re still awake at 3:00 in the morning!).  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect and won’t shift signs until Thursday in the wee hours of the day, so spend this day finishing up old projects rather than beginning anything new.

4 April 2013 (2 Stars):  The Moon enters Aquarius at 1:41 AM and our key friendships, group associations and deepest desires take center stage for the next day or so.  The Moon sextile Uranus at 5:02 PM may offer you an ingenious idea or two to help you with a key project, but you’re likely to have onerous tasks to dispatch when the Moon squares Saturn at 6:48 PM.  You’ll be feeling much better about life and maybe even a tad lucky when the Moon trines Jupiter at 11:26 PM.  Wouldn’t it wonderful if we could always feel so blessed?

5 April 2013 (3 Stars):  The Moon sextile the Sun at 5:11 AM is great for coming up with new ideas for your challenges or projects.  You might want to nip into your favorite salon for a pampering treatment when the Moon forms a sextile to Venus at 9:00 AM and then it’s time to get busy with the heavy lifting items on your To-Do List when the Moon forms a sextile to Mars at 10:22 AM.  Just remember not to start anything new since the Moon became void of course after that last aspect and won’t change signs until Saturday morning.

6 April 2013 (3 Stars):  We’re finally completely done with Mercury’s retrograde and retrograde shadow (yay!).  We begin the day with the Moon entering Pisces at 6:00 AM; take time out to smell the roses, see a movie or enjoy creative pursuits during the next couple of days.

The Moon conjoins Neptune at 1:48 PM encouraging creative pursuits or meditation while Venus conjoining Mars at 9:58 PM could create a dynamic romantic energy for you and someone special.  We end the day with a work oriented Moon-Saturn trine at 11:21 that hopefully doesn’t cast a pall on what could be a really romantic day for you and your lover…

My monthly Astrological forecast for April goes out 1 April–you can sign up for it here as well as learn as more about the Astrology and Tarot services I offer.  I hope you have found this forecast helpful; please share it with friends or family members who you think might find the information helpful.  Wishing you a fabulous week and until next time…

Rich Blessings!


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Astrology Predictions for 3-9 March 2013



Greetings Friends!

We begin this first week of March 2013 with a void of course Moon in Scorpio, but in rather short order we switch gears to an outgoing, yet waning Sagittarian Moon.  This week we do a final tally on our win/loss ratios when the Last Quarter Moon checks in and then we get our career ducks in order when the Moon switches gear into Capricorn near mid-week.  All in all, this isn’t going to be a week for loafers, so prepare to bring your game face to work and you’ll be good to go (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).

Sunday 3 March 2013 (1 Star):  An insomnia inducing, early morning Moon-Mars trine at 1:19 AM is nothing to get excited about–especially if you’re on Pacific Standard Time.  Remember to get out the melatonin and lavender before bed Saturday night; the Moon is void of course after that last aspect until 1:11 PM when it enters Sagittarius.  Dealings with people at a distance, publishing concerns, legal situations or college studies are up for review during the next couple of days–maybe even some long distance travel if you’re lucky!

Moon square Neptune at 6:42 PM makes us prone to delusional or unclear thinking; combine this energy with Mercury being retrograde and it’s a good idea to avoid making decisions or signing agreements until a later date.

Moon in Sagittarius colors:  Mauve, black, royal blue, gold, indigo or turquoise.  Crystals:  Lapis lazuli, amethyst, malachite, sugilite, obsidian, turquoise or zircon.  Incense/Essential oils:  Copal, frankincense, sandalwood, rosemary or dragon’s blood.

Monday 4 March 2013 (2 Stars):  Although we have a gaggle of aspects today, only two are remotely helpful–well make that one.  The Moon trine Uranus at 1:19 AM is another insomnia inducing challenge, bringing shocks and unwelcome, early morning surprises home to roost (hope you didn’t put the lavender or melatonin away just yet).  Money and love worries may interfere with a peaceful night’s sleep thanks to a Moon-Venus square at 2:45 AM and we may have overshot our budget (or just shot off our mouth) when the Moon opposes Jupiter at 3:00 AM; either way, chicks of all sorts may be coming home to roost in the wee hours of the morning.

Creative communications may help you sort through the mess when the Sun conjoins Mercury in other worldly Pisces, that is if you’re up 4:58 AM; you might want to set an intention for clever solutions to present themselves during your dream state (hey, it can’t hurt, right?).  Venus square Jupiter at 5:53 AM is another hint from the Universe that there’s trouble with our finances or our love lives at this time and the Moon square Mercury at 12:41 PM suggests we have to deal with some rather challenging communications around some of these matters at this time.  We wrap up this day ruminating on our wins and losses during this lunar cycle as the Last Quarter Moon arrives at 12:51 PM (Moon square the Sun at 21 degrees of Pisces).  Pat yourself on the back for projects completed and make plans to reboot languishing projects at the New Moon…

Tuesday 5 March 2013 (1 Star):  An early morning square between the Moon and Mars at 7:28 AM suggests grumpy folks will get out of the bed on the wrong side–and follow you into the office (driving badly all the while, so watch out).  The Moon will be void of course after that aspect and will enter Capricorn at 4:14 PM; time for you to look at self-realization and career issues–are you where you want to be in life, that’s the question before you till Thursday evening.

A late in the day sextile between the Moon and Neptune 9:51 PM suggests reinvigorating your spirits via the arts (music, dance, movies, art) or just making time to enjoy a deep meditation may ease your stress before you head off to bed.

Moon in Capricorn colors:  Black, dark brown, royal blue, dark blue, dark green, violet or gray.  Crystals:  Malachite, amethyst, obsidian, jet, garnet, diamond, black opal or black diamond.  Incense/Essential oils:  Jasmine, mint, musk, or patchouli.

Wednesday 6 March 2013 (5 Stars):  Ten aspects in total today–and nine of them are positive, for the most part.  Capricorn isn’t known as a frivolous sign, so it will be a business oriented day, but that just means it’s time to look at career matters and make solid changes for a better future.  We begin with the one really challenging aspect of the day, a square between the Moon and Uranus at 4:28 AM.  Be prepared to deal with early morning shocking news or off the wall behavior from some quarter.  Look at it this way, Capricorn is a hard working sign, so it gets you up and on your toes early.

A sextile between the Moon and and Venus at 10:36 AM offers a bit of a boost in the love/money life sectors while a Moon-Pluto conjunction at 11:15 AM says pitch the boss or make that presentation to the big wig and see if you can leverage your talents for a more powerful return.  Organization, clean-up and planning tasks benefit from a sextile between the Moon and Saturn at 11:22 AM; clean up communication projects when the Moon forms a sextile to Mercury at 12:08 PM.  See, I told you it was going to be a busy day!

Venus sextile Pluto at 6:06 PM suggests your finances need some thoughtful reorganization; Venus forms a trine to Saturn at 7:07 PM and it may be time to trim the fat out of the budget or other wise get real where your money is concerned.  That last aspect might take the wind out of the sails of your love life as Saturn is stern and not overly friendly where affairs of the heart are concerned.  Best to postpone that romantic evening until a better day (unless you can afford to take your love to a top tier eatery–but that last aspect suggests maybe you should just chill for now).

The Moon sextile the Sun at 8:37 PM offers intuitive insights into your circumstances and you may be able to put together an action plan to make use of them at a later date.  Mercury conjoins Venus at 8:54; confess your feelings for your lover or have a frank discussion about money–which ever fits your situation best at this time.  Lastly, Mercury trines Saturn at 11:17 PM; weighty matters might be disturbing our peace of mind; a bit of light yoga may help you to decompress and leave the worries of the day behind before you head to bed.

Thursday 6 March 2013 (3 Star day):  Mercury sextile Pluto at 12:26 AM may set your mental wheels spinning rather than offering you the quiet you need for a good night’s sleep.  Either that or an errant phone call in the middle of the night may trouble your sleep; you know the drill, phone off and melatonin on.  The Moon sextile Mars at 1:14 PM suggests a trip to the gym or a light walk during your lunch break might be beneficial.  Note the Moon is void of course after that last aspect so avoid starting new projects until the Moon enters Aquarius at 7:02 PM.  Group associations, deep desires and friendships are in focus under the waning energy of the Aquarian Moon until Saturday night.

Moon in Aquarius colors:  Electric blue, fluorescent or iridescent shades, white, hot pink or silver.  Crystals:  Amethyst, aquamarine, labradorite, celestite, opal, pearl, lapis lazuli, or clear quartz.  Incense/Essential oils:  Frankincense, lavender, rosemary, sage, violet or sage.

Friday 7 March 2013 (3 Stars):  Saturn sextile Pluto at 12:03 AM suggests struggles with depression or other dark thoughts can wreak havoc on a good night’s sleep.  A bit of Qigong, meditation or light yoga can improve your mood and help you get off to a good night’s sleep.  Some shocking bit of news, interesting creative download or other surprise may greet you early in the day as the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus at 7:29 AM.  A happier, buoyant mood arrives when the Moon trines Jupiter at 9:34, but we run into another rough patch when the Moon squares Saturn at 2:08 PM; dour or depressing people will try to whammy your Friday ‘the weekend is almost here’ good mood–try to avoid falling prey to them if you can.  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect until 10:19 PM Saturday; avoid starting new projects–if you absolutely must start a new deal while Mercury is retrograde and we’re in a waning Moon phase, at least wait until after the Moon changes signs.

Saturday 8 March 2013 (0 Stars):  A lackluster, one dismal aspect day with Mercury squaring Jupiter at 7:38 PM; someone will likely jabber endlessly if you’re anywhere within hearing range…not much you can do about it or them, but the Moon switches signs to Pisces at 10:19 PM.  Make time for creative pleasures (art, dance, music, movies, etc.,) and take some time for spiritual tune up work to help you move through the lovely Mercury retrograde challenges humanity is handling right now…

Got questions about your love life, your business or career?  Now’s a great time to gain clarity around your key goals and you can book your Astrology or Tarot consultation here (as well as sign up for this month’s Astrology newsletter with all the major Celestial events for March).  I will be back this time next week with all the latest Celestial news you can use, until then, take care and…

Rich Blessings!


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Astrology Predictions for 17-23 February 2013

Astrology Predictions for 17-23 February 2013

Greetings Friends! Welcome to what I’m calling Retrograde Week; yes, that’s right–we’ve got some retrograde energy starting up now and that means taking things slowly and not pushing to get desired outcomes just yet.  Key projects don’t have to come … Continue reading

Astrology Predictions for 2-8 December 2012



Greetings Friends!

The waning Moon in Cancer is finally relieved of duty at 5:57 PM Sunday when the Moon switches allegiance to Leo (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  We begin the last month of 2012 in a cleaning/finishing up mode–or in other words, now is a good time to look at what habits, situations or things you’d like not to take with you into the coming year.  By the end of the month we will have a Full Moon and that might be the time to take your list of things you are releasing and do a little burning bowl ceremony to honor what has been and to make room for the new!   In the meantime, there’s more work to be done, so let us begin…

Sunday 2 December 2012 (0 Stars):  Our one aspect of the day is a Sun-Jupiter opposition at 5:45 PM inclining us to overdo in areas of romance, creativity and even perhaps gambling in one form or another.  Moderation is a great keyword for the day; avoid going to extremes and you’ll have played your (energy) hand well today.

The Moon enters Leo at 5:57 PM and the energies lift a bit from sometimes moody Cancer to sunny Leo, giving us a bit of breathing room on this last day before the work week begins.  However, with the overall (star) energies so low, do make time for self-care work (chakra balancing, energy work, exercise, etc.) to insure you keep a stable, high vibration.

Moon in Leo colors:  Red, gold, green, yellow or orange.  Crystals:  Peridot, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, or amber.  Incense/Essential oils:  Amber, frankincense, myrrh, musk or sandalwood.

Monday 3 December 2012 (3 Stars):  A high energy trine between the Moon and Uranus at 3:06 AM may create havoc in your plans for a good night’s sleep; melatonin, lavender, sleep CD’s and any other night magic that works for you is probably best trotted out in the wee hours of the morning to insure a  decent and uninterrupted night’s sleep.  Laborious duties await when you awaken (no) thanks to the square between the Moon and Saturn at 7:30 AM; do your best to dispatch your least palatable duties and get on with the day as quickly as possible.  The afternoon hours look a bit more optimistic and user friendly when the Moon forms a sextile to Jupiter at 3:50 PM–keep your chin up and soldier on!  Creative solutions to problems are likely to occur to you when the Moon trines the Sun at 6:04 PM; just take care to make plans to actualize some of those neat ideas so they don’t slip through your fingers.  Love and money don’t look that great when the Moon squares Venus at 11:38 PM; start your law of attraction work now so that clever solutions present for you as soon as possible.

Tuesday 4 December 2012 (0 Stars):  This lack luster day offers one unhappy aspect–a square between the Moon and Mercury at 2:08 PM.  News won’t be what you’d hoped, but tomorrow we have a bang up Pluto aspect that may dissolve your challenges with ease.  In addition the Moon is void of course after that last aspect, so there’s no point in booting up new projects until the Moon changes signs Wednesday morning.

Wednesday 5 December 2012 (2 Stars):  The Moon enters Virgo at 3:51 AM bringing our focus to work issues, health and dependent care concerns for the next couple of days.  And while the energy is still fairly low, we get the least helpful aspects over with fairly early starting with an opposition between the Moon and Neptune at 4:52 AM; it’s probably best to hold off on signing documents or making agreements since something may be a bit fishy–you may not be thinking clearly either, so step away from inking any deals for now.   A Moon-Saturn sextile at 5:14 PM will help you plan, organize and clean up nicely while the trine between the Moon and Pluto at 7:35 PM gives you power to transform pesky situations to your liking–so rock on!

Moon in Virgo colors:  Black, brown, gray, green, white, peach or blue   Crystals:  Peridot, agate, moss agate, aquamarine or turquoise.   Incense/Essential oils:  Patchouli, mint, lavender, bergamot, or honeysuckle.

Thursday 6 December 2012 (2 Stars):  The square between the Moon and Jupiter at 12:04 AM may have you feeling like you’re between a rock and a hard space right now.  If you’ve over done it financially or promised more than you can deliver, pay day is probably here, but don’t fret, you’ll be up and at ’em when the Moon trines Mars at 7:31 AM ready to take on your challenges with courage and determination.  Intuition will be offline and creativity too when the Moon squares the Sun at 7:31 AM (Last Quarter Moon; 14 degrees Virgo); it’s officially time to take stock of which of your plans finished up nicely this cycle and which need rebooting at the New Moon next week.  On the plus side, money and love are probably looking a bit better when the Moon forms a sextile to Venus at 1:54 PM and that’s good news, right?

Friday 7 December 2012 (1 Star):  You’ve probably noticed the low energy trend this week is sporting, so do take some time to rest, eat well (meaning healthy foods) and make time to meditate in order to keep your vibration high this week.   Meanwhile, an unhelpful sextile between the Moon and Mercury occurs at 2:35 AM; this is great if you need to write a term paper in the middle of the night–not so helpful if you plan on sleeping.  The regular insomnia busting agents should tag along to bed with you Thursday night in order to fend off monkey mind in the wee hours of the day.   The Moon is void of course after that last aspect until 10:35 AM at which point it will enter the stylish and romantically oriented sign of Libra.  Freakish surprises, off the wall behavior and other assorted weirdness is possible when the Moon opposes Uranus at 6:43 PM; go to your favorite hiding place and plan on staying awhile (you’ll see why shortly).

Moon in Libra colors:  black, blue, royal blue, cerulean, pink, rose or pastels.  Crystals:  Opal, agate, fire agate, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, celesite or aquamarine.

Saturday 8 December 2012 (2 Stars):  The Moon square Pluto at 1:27 AM Saturday makes Friday a night to stay home–lest you have an unfortunate run-in with someone who requires anger management training.  Never the less, good fortune will find you, despite it being early in the morning (Moon trine Jupiter at 5:00 AM); did you buy a lottery ticket or come up with a brilliant idea that allows you to kick your 9-5 to the curb?  Either way–congrats!

More anger management students are likely to appear on the scene thanks to a square between the Moon and Mars at  3:34 PM; least you think they are open to cultivating a different point of view, I’d pass on giving the troubled one(s) a lecture.  Do, however,  bring paper and pen along on your next jaunt to capture some hot intuitive ideas for your key projects (Moon sextile Sun at 4:37 PM)–that way you’ll be ready to capture said brilliant ideas and take action when the time is right!  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect until tomorrow afternoon; table your plans for new projects until after that time.

Could you use some intuitive insights into what 2013 holds in store for you?  Would you like to have some clarity around a business, career or love matter?  Book your private astrology or Tarot session with me here!

And that’s going to do it for now–I will see you next week for the review of the Celestial energies to come; until then…

Rich Blessings!


Astrology Predictions for 4-10 November 2012



Greetings Friends!

Well, that was a nasty Taurus Full Moon, let me tell you!  I have five celestial bodies in fixed signed (Mars/Taurus–Full Moon hit this one dead on btw, Sun-Uranus/Leo, Neptune/Scorpio and Moon/Aquarius)–so it was no picnic.  The Atlantic super storm Sandy rolled in on the Full Moon tide energy and it was really a catastrophic event–USA worst, as I understand it.  So what lies ahead this week?  The energies are in a waning phase, though it might not feel like it, with the Moon void of course as we begin a new week (and if you’re in the USA remember to turn your clocks back).

Mercury begins a new retrograde (currently at four degrees of Sagittarius) all the way back to 18 degrees of Scorpio; this isn’t the best news for the American elections as Mercury begins its retrograde motion on election day suggesting screwy information/communications.  Just a note about Mercury retrograde; this journey makes our thinking more inwardly focused–we’re more right brained and intuitive–especially once Mercury re-enters Scorpio (14 November 2012).  This is a time of rethinking things, reviewing things with a mind toward making changes later with regards to our intimate ties, dealings with people at a distance, estate concerns and even college studies.  With that in mind take your planner with you everywhere, check and re-check dates and times–remember you’re not the only one who is functioning with less left brained energy these days.  Move more slowly, really think before you act–and back up your computer!

In addition, we’ve got a Last Quarter Moon Tuesday, so this is an energetically challenging week too–at least for the first several days.  Let’s take a closer look at what the week holds (oh, and all of the times listed in this blog are now PST).

Sunday 4 November 2012 (1 Star):  The week begins with an intuitively helpful trine between the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Scorpio at 1:37 AM–and then the Moon is void of course until Monday.  Spending the entire day in the void zone makes it a good day for cleaning up, doing some self-care work and resting.  Just remember to avoid beginning new projects, until the Moon switches signs to Leo on Monday.

Monday 5 November 2012 (2 Stars):  The Moon enters Leo at 11:39 AM and we finally get out of void of course prison!  The first aspect of the day is a stodgy Moon-Saturn square at 6:58 PM, so we’re building all day to this restrictive, pain in the butt energy.  You probably won’t have a lot of choices; where ever the problem(s) may be, your only choice is probably to meet the demand and it will be difficult/unpleasant.  Saturn in Scorpio has morphed into a transformative and stubborn taskmaster (as if he was a sweet heart before–not).  These new energy lessons are intended to make us stronger (but they are also strong–read nasty, medicine); so you’re probably going to need to beef up your self-care routines to cope with the new restrictions and challenges.

On a more pleasant note, your communications work should flow nicely when the Moon trines Mercury at 7:57 PM, plus you’ll have some surprising, out of this world downloads to look forward to when the Moon trines ingenious Uranus at 9:44 PM.  If you need a breakthrough in some area of life, pay attention to the ideas that drop in during the Moon-Uranus aspect.

Moon in Leo colors:  gold, red, orange, yellow, blood red or green.  Crystals/Metals:  gold, diamond, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, or peridot.  Incense/Essential oils:  cinnamon, frankincense, musk, myrrh or sandalwood.

Tuesday 6 November 2012 (2 Stars):  Again with the low energy vibes, so I hope you’re making time for exercise, yoga, meditation and lots of rest.  The Moon sextile Venus at 9:14 AM shines some sweet light on love and money matters for a change while Mercury begins his retrograde at 3:04 PM.  You’ll feel optimistic and perhaps even lucky when the Moon forms a sextile to Jupiter at 3:45 PM.  The Last Quarter Moon (Moon square the Sun at 15 degrees of Leo) arrives at 4:36 PM and we can review where our goals have culminated for the current lunar cycle as well as those that have gone awry.  We will have a New Moon next week and may begin to iron out our challenges at that time–bearing in mind that with a Mercury retrograde we should forestall new endeavors until the middle of December.

Wednesday 7 November 2012 (1 Star):  Despite the low vibes, we’re up and at ’em early thanks to a trine between the Moon and Mars at 7:27 AM, but we’re void of course again after that until 8:35 PM when the Moon finally limps into Virgo.  Best to make this a clean up and organizing day rather than launching some keen new endeavor (Mercury is now retrograde; no moving about the cabin).  An opposition between the Moon and Neptune at 9:15 PM leads to muddled thinking and deceptive information from others; best to put off decisions until we’re clear headed and incoming messages are clear and reliable.

Moon in Virgo colors:  black, blue, tan, brown, gold, gray or green.  Crystals:  jade, peridot, agate, moss agate, or carnelian.  Incense/Essential oils:  patchouli, lavender or sandalwood.

Thursday 8 November 2012 (1 Star):  The prize for record number of low star days during a one week period has to go to this week!  An overly optimistic attitude is likely thanks to a Moon-Jupiter opposition at 12:25 AM; lock up the credit cards and avoid making promises you probably won’t be able to keep.  Love and money are chugging along fairly nicely when the Moon forms a sextile to Venus at 2:29 PM–so, you might want to take your sweet heart for a movie or dinner date (or drop by your favorite salon for some pampering)!

Friday 9 November 2012 (1 Star):  We benefit from a sextile between the Moon and Sun at 3:57 AM; intuitive insights should be captured with a plan for action at a later time.  The rest of the day is spent dealing with frustrations and temperamental folks thanks to a square between the Moon and Mars at 4:27 PM–the Moon is void of course after that last aspect until Saturday morning.  All together we have a number of indicators that really suggest this is a week for introspection, for cleaning up and organizing ourselves–not for major pushes.  We will have a New Moon next week, but for now the energy is becoming lower and lower; take time out to rest and restore.  Those of you who simply cannot wait to launch a project would probably do best to wait for Tuesday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse (I’ll have more about that next week).

Saturday 10 November 2012 (1 Star):  The Moon enters Libra at 1:35 AM, but unfortunately, we have yet another low vibrational day–self-care to the rescue!  Our mental faculties are percolating as well as can be expected during a Mercury retrograde, so now might be the time to cash in on a Moon-Mercury sextile at 7:06 AM to write, edit and recheck our communications and plans.  Some wild and wooly energy creates surprises, disruptions and shocks thanks to an opposition between the Moon and Uranus at 10:08 AM.  Bosses, VIP’s and menacing types take the upper hand courtesy of a square between the Moon and Pluto at 2:33 PM; best to make yourself scarce when this aspect arrives.  And great news for the Pisceans among you–Neptune, your Sun sign ruler stations direct and will slowly begin forward motion at 11:53 PM.  You may remember Neptune became retrograde 5 June 2012–so we have one more planet giving us a green light!  Projects involving spirituality, art, dance, film, music, photography–and even a secret or two will have more room to run in the next few days–but especially once Mercury stops doing backflips!

Need insights of a more personal nature?  Book your private Astrological or Tarot consultation here!

And that’s it for this week–wishing you a safe and peaceful journey till next time.

Rich Blessings!


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Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (5-7 October 2012)


Greetings Friends!

The weekend is on the horizon as we say goodbye to the waning (thank you Duane!) Gemini Moon on Friday and say hello to the Moon in Cancer arriving Saturday evening.  From a chatty, sociable Friday we become a bit more introspective and benefit from the warmth and security of our nest Saturday night.  So get out your party shoes Friday evening and enjoy a bit of fun, but plan on spending Saturday and Sunday in more family oriented activity.

Friday and Saturday are five star days; albeit Saturday does have a lengthy void of course period, and Sunday is a one star day.  Knock out your priority items Friday, relax Saturday and Sunday–cancel any important activities, there just isn’t a lot of Celestial support to get a great outcome.

The Moon in Cancer benefits Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces natives, but we can play along with them by wearing shades of blue, green, sea green, smoke gray or white.   Moonstone, clear or rose quartz or carnelian crystals offer emotional support and balance during this transit while gardenia, honeysuckle, tuberose, or violet essential oils or incense create a mellow mood that you will find comforting during the Cancer Moon transit.

Friday 5 October 2012 organized thought, planning and communication projects benefit from the Mercury-Saturn conjunction at 2:44 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT.)  Mercury enters Scorpio at 3:35 AM and our thinking processes become deep, penetrating and focused on the details, not the superficialities, of life.  Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo natives, brace yourself; Saturn moves into Scorpio at 1:33 PM.  Can you remember what challenges you experienced between 2005 and 2008?  Well, this is a new riff on a new set of soul lessons; be forewarned.

Luck and good fortune arrive in the form of a Moon-Jupiter conjunction at 2:08; note that the Moon is void of course after that last aspect until 5:45 PM Saturday when it enters Cancer. Your intuition may be stellar when Mercury trines Neptune at 3:07 PM; a trip to a favorite museum, jazz club, or even worship at your favorite spiritual center also benefits from this aspect.

Saturday 6 October 2012 your organizational, planning or de-cluttering skills can be put to great use when the Moon trines Saturn at 6:02 PM.  Your intuitive insight continues to be on point when the Moon trines Neptune at 7:09 PM and your favorite jazz club or spiritual center may beckon to you at this time as well.  Mars move into Sagittarius at 8:21 PM so expect long distance travel, legal concerns or people at or from a distance to pop up and demand more of your attention now till 17 November 2012.  A late night chat, some time spent on communication or writing projects or just catching up on some favorite reading is likely when the Moon trines Mercury at 11:09 PM.

Sunday 7 October 2012 harmony settles in again with love and money matters when the Moon forms a sextile to Venus at 3:29 AM, but we hit a wall with stubborn, wild and wacky behavior from others when the Moon squares Uranus at 6:15 AM; don’t bother arguing with them, they aren’t going to listen.  Power plays and other unappreciated manipulations from VIP’s or bosses may greet you early this morning due to a Moon-Pluto opposition at 7:55 AM.  Listen to what they require and seek win-win solutions that benefit everybody rather than rooting strictly for your personal causes.  Passive aggressive or sneaky behavior on the part of others may be a source of irritation thanks to a Mars-Neptune square at 7:12 PM; watch what they say, not what they do to know what the real deal is.  And…

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Astrology Predictions for Wednesday thru Thursday (5-6 September 2012)

Greetings Friends!

Well most of the kids are back to school now that the Labor Day holiday has wrapped up here in the US and that means we are officially into September and bracing for the Last Quarter Moon this weekend.  The waning Moon in Taurus is void of course Wednesday around lunch time and doesn’t enter Gemini until tomorrow night–so be prepared for these two days to be mostly about clean up, rest up or throw out activity.  Wednesday is a three star day and Thursday a one star day–you’ll probably benefit if you take advantage of this energetic lull by resting, taking the time to meditate, exercise and eat well.

Wednesday 5 September 2012 begins with an early morning sextile between Mercury and Mars at 1:06 AM; be prepared for late night talks, monkey mind or a sudden urge to work on some project in the wee hours of the morning (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Lavender essential oil, light yoga, sleepy time tea or sleep CD’s might be welcome to help you get/stay asleep.  This is especially true since the Moon tags Mars with an opposition at 1:08 AM and restlessness may set in after you go to bed; last, but not least, the Moon trines Mercury at 1:08 AM too, making this morning a shoe-in for insomniacs everywhere, unfortunately.  When you do finally find yourself up and moving about, make note of intuitive prompts as the Moon trines the Sun at 11:54 AM–you’ll want to act on those hunches at an appropriate time.  Just know the Moon is void of course after that last aspect and won’t be back on track until Thursday evening; try to avoid starting new projects during this period.

Thursday 6 September Venus enters Leo at 7:48 AM, bringing warmth, romance and beauty to our love nature now through 3 October 2012; fire and air natives (Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini) may find this a boon if they are on the hunt for love.  Aquarians, however, just might find new love under this placement a bit of a challenge.  The Moon finally enters Gemini at 9:10 PM bringing humanity’s focus to dealings with siblings, communications projects and or local travel for the next several days.  A Moon-Venus sextile at 10:31 AM offers a bit of a boost to love and money matters while a square between the Moon and Neptune at 11:58 PM may bring news of deceptive dealings from others or a lack of clarity in key areas of concern for you; avoid making decisions at this time as foggy thinking and deceptive information could lead you in the wrong direction.

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The Last Quarter Moon arrives Saturday as we move into the final lap of this lunar cycle; join me Friday for the inside scoop on both Friday’s aspects as well as the energy for your weekend.  Take care and till next time…

Rich Blessings!


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