Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (3-5 August 2012)

Greetings Friends!

It’s time to get ready for the weekend and the cosmos is looking kindly on mankind by offering the meditative energy of a Pisces Moon until Sunday afternoon (at which point the Moon shifts into Aries).  Friday is a five star day with a bit of a void of course period, Saturday is a zero star day (which isn’t too great for Barack Obama, more on that in a minute) and Sunday is a one star day that also sports a bit of a void of course period.

The Moon in Pisces gives humanity an opportunity to chill out after the business of the Full Moon earlier this week.  Wear your favorite blue, green or purple shades to match the vibe of the Pisces Moon.  Aquamarine, amethyst, opal, tourmaline, moonstone or jade are also a nice complement to the relaxing Piscean energy, as are the scents of lavender, jasmine, sandalwood or sage essential oils or incense.

Friday 3 August 2012 the Moon trine Venus at 12:24 AM offers a nice ease and flow around love and money matters (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Wait until 6:58 AM to launch new projects since the Moon became void of course after that last aspect.  The Moon conjoining Neptune at 11:04 AM works wonders for creatives, mystics, musicians or artists; note, a nap or a bit of meditation at this time may allow you to download interesting insights into new or existing projects.  Schedule your law of attraction, visualization or metaphysical studies when the Moon forms a sextile to Pluto at 8:16 PM; you’ll enjoy a nice energetic boost to your work.

Saturday 4 August 2012 there is one lone aspect, a square between the Moon and Jupiter at 2:27 AM; this is Barack Obama’s birthday and is a worrisome aspect for his solar return chart.  Since Pisces rules secret, even hidden enemy activity, this aspect suggests that there is a lot of energy behind the scenes–wealthy energy, working to block his re-election.  Not exactly a news bulletin, but to see it showing up so clearly in his solar return is not a good thing.  I will share another juicy tidbit about this situation in our next section…in the meantime, just note that for the rest of us, we may find ourselves dealing with obstructions to our goals–rather large obstructions and patience may be our only choice in dealing with current challenges.

Sunday 5 August 2012 the Moon squares Venus at 10:56 AM is also important for Barack Obama’s birthday.  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect and the last aspect before the Moon switches signs is indicative of how something ends.  Venus rules love, money and things we value; it appears that Barack has a lot of obstacles in his path to re-election, also not a news bulletin, but whether or not he has the ability to overcome the energy/obstruction of the Venus square seen here remains to be seen.  He’s going to need a lot of luck!

The Moon enters Aries at 1:59 PM switching our focus to personal concerns and issues. The Moon trine Mercury at 5:11 PM is a good time to take care of all written/communication projects–just be sure to go over them with a fine tooth comb (since Mercury is still retrograde).

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I’ll get your work week off to a great start with all the astrological news you can use, so join me here Monday morning.  Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing weekend till next we meet…

Rich Blessings!