Purchase an Astrology or Tarot Reading



I have been a tarot reader and astrologer since 1984.  I am a Reiki Master, I work with crystals, the Medicine Cards, the Destiny Cards and numerology.  I combine my understanding of astrology and Tarot to give a unique, multi-dimensional reading experience to my clients and I work in a variety of ways.  You can receive a reading from me via phone or in person.

I am very excited to partner with the folks at the Psychic Eye in Sherman Oaks California!  You can even call and book your Astrology* or Tarot appointment with me ahead of time.  Readings available Saturday and Sunday only.  Call 818-906-8263 to schedule your appointment.

15 minutes in person:  $20
15 minutes via the phone:  $25
30 minutes in person:  $30
30 minutes via the phone:  $35
45 minutes in person:  $40
45 minutes via the phone:  $45
1 Hour in person:  $50
1 Hour via the phone:  $55

*If you don’t have your own chart the purchase of an astrology chart is extra;
Click here to schedule your Astrology consultation, Tarot Reading or Reiki treatment

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