Astrology Predictions for 30 December 2012-5 January 2013



Greetings Friends!

The last teensy, weensy bit of 2012 has the Moon waning in Leo and prepping for the end of the year celebrations.  The energy from Friday’s Full Moon should have died down a bit and you may find something that was hidden from you was revealed during or after the illumination of the Full Moon.  A waning Moon isn’t quite as sprightly as a waxing Moon for New Year’s eve festivities, but Leo is a party hearty sign, so whether you enjoy your festivities quietly at home with someone special or you paint the town red, hopefully you’ll have a lovely time.  I say hopefully for a good reason, but more about that in a moment.  The end of the week features a Last Quarter Moon, so it’s also time to begin thinking of the projects you have successfully completed this cycle and which ones you’d like to launch (or relaunch) during the next lunar cycle.  And with that, let’s take a look at the predictions for the week (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).

Sunday 30 December 2012 (4 Stars):  We get a lovely power boost from the Sun when it conjoins Pluto at 5:37 AM; get up early to do some manifesting work–or touch bases with someone who is a center of influence in your career field.  Either way, you could see some major transformations in your career or personal life projects.  By 6:47 AM you may find yourself at odds with someone in a prickly/feisty mood.  Give a little, get a lot, so compromise may help smooth the way to peace in this situation.  Startling news, amazing surprises or shocking situations come a calling when the Moon trines Uranus at 9:01 AM; this is a great time for creative folks to download some truly inspirational ideas from the Universal databank–so thinking caps on now!

You’ll have the discipline to organize your new creative ideas when the Sun forms a sextile to Saturn at 9:45, just remember to jot down key ideas and sketch out your road map to success so those fabulous ideas of yours don’t flit away!  You’ll be feeling lucky and upbeat when the Moon forms a sextile to Jupiter at 3:07 PM–perfect for getting in the mood for tomorrow’s parties!  The Moon square Saturn at 6:14 PM pits you against a grouchy figure; dazzle them with your best smile and let them have their way–don’t let them rain on your parade!

Monday 31 December 2012 (4 Stars):  Mercury enters Capricorn at 6:03 AM and our thoughts and communications turn to career matters–as well as ways to earn a living that bring personal fulfillment (not just a paycheck).  What would you like to ‘set off’ in the New Year?  Now is the time to give it some thought in preparation for new projects in  2013.

Love is in the air when the Moon trines Venus at 1:52 PM; how about a lunch date with someone you adore?  You might want to have a mid-day party rather than a night time party since the Moon becomes void of course at 1:52 PM and doesn’t enter Virgo until mid-morning tomorrow.  This may have the unfortunate effect of raining on your party plans for the evening, so be prepared to think creatively if plans start looking wonky for New Years eve.

Mars sextile Uranus at 6:32 PM packs a wallop and those with no party plans might want to go for a jog or hit the gym to work off the extra energy.  A spontaneous rendezvous for two would also work!  Late night spiritual talk might take the place of the usual holiday partying thanks to a sextile between Mercury and Neptune at 10:51 PM; deep thought/talk can be sexy too!  Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday 1 January 2012 (1 Star):  We start the New Year with the Moon entering Virgo at 9:35 AM; pay attention to health concerns (yours and those of your dependents), as well as work and service matters for the next couple of days.  Later, a hazy or confusion inducing energy pervades thanks to the opposition between the Moon and Neptune at 11:39 AM–perhaps we’re a bit hung over from our revelries the night before!  In any case, table plans to sign on the dotted line or make agreements since thinking is likely to be confused at best.  Clearer thought arrives relatively quickly, though, thanks to a Moon-Mercury trine at 1:23 PM; try not to be overly emotional about things and you should be able to find a solution to whatever ails you in the moment.  Over optimism can get you in hot water when the Moon squares Jupiter at 11:59 PM–or maybe you’ve already done the deed and the bill is now due.  Either way, reign in promises, actions and expectations at this time and you’ll stay out of future hot water.

Moon in Virgo colors:  Black, tan, pale or navy blue, gold, peach or white.  Crystals:  Agate, moss agate, peridot, jade, carnelian, opal or celestite.  Incense/Essential oils:  Lavender, mint, patchouli or honeysuckle.

Wednesday 2 January 2012 (5 Stars):  A powerful trine between the Moon and Pluto arrives at 3:12 AM–great for breaking up old habits and manifesting new desires (if you’re up that early, that is).  Another early morning aspect,  Moon-Saturn sextile at 3:45 AM, lends ease to planning and organizing tasks, so tie up loose ends and start mapping out your success for 2013!  A trine between the Moon and Sun at 8:59 AM offers you plenty of intuitive insights for you to work with in the days and weeks to come; just pencil them into that wonderful plan you created in the wee hours of the day!

Thursday 3 January 2012 (0 Stars):  You’ll want to plan some self care work into the day thanks to the lack of supportive Celestial aspects we have beginning with a square between the Moon and Venus at 4:15 AM; love and money matters are likely at a low ebb, but they’ll look a bit better by the weekend.  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect and doesn’t enter Libra until 5:11 PM–avoid starting new projects until the Moon switches signs, if you can.  Communications both incoming and outgoing are likely to be underwhelming when Mercury squares Uranus at 8:29 AM; shocks of an unhelpful kind are possible and people around you may behave in a weird or rude manner, so keep a low profile until this energy blows over.

Moon in Libra colors:  Royal or cerulean blue, black, pink, and pastels of all shades.  Crystals:  Amethyst, aquamarine, celestite, opal, or rose quartz.  Incense/Essential oils:  Vanilla, violet, mint or rose.

Friday 4 January (3 Stars):  Make time to get in some more self-care work before you leave the house so that you can keep up with everything coming your way today!  The Moon in opposition to Uranus at 1:52 AM may keep you wide eyed when you would rather be asleep; melatonin, sleep CD’s, or a bit of light yoga may help you deal with insomnia or even loud neighbors.  Some communication incursion could awaken you early thanks to the Moon squaring Mercury at 4:08 AM; make sure you turn off your phone so a random call doesn’t jolt you awake!  Don’t get rid of the lavender oil just yet; you’re likely to be up early anyway since Mars trines Jupiter at 4:46 AM which is way more energy than a sleeping person normally wants (or needs).  Maybe you awaken to glad tidings since the Moon trines Jupiter at 6:35 AM bringing optimism and good luck; better than waking up grumpy, yes?  And the Universe gets in one last laugh in the form of a trine between the Moon and Mars at 6:43 AM–all of this action and it’s not even 7:00 AM yet!

The action gets becomes quite a bit less sunny from here on out beginning with a square between the Moon and Pluto at 10:10 AM; VIP’s, bosses or controlling types are on a tear; try to fly under their radar if you can to avoid becoming the object of their temper or manipulations.  The Last Quarter Moon (Moon square Sun at 15 degrees of Libra) clocks in at 7:58 PM and it’s time to see which projects you’d like to call a wrap from this cycle and which ones will require a reboot at next week’s New Moon.  This is especially true of partnership goals you may have had for this lunar cycle…

Saturday 5 January (3 Stars):  We’ve only one aspect, a sparkly sextile between the Moon and Venus at 3:13 PM giving your love and money woes a bit of sunshine–and then the Moon is void of course until 10:09 PM when it enters Scorpio.  Not a lot of energy from the Universe–it probably used up most of its gas on yesterday’s avalanche of early morning aspects.  Take the time for a bit of self-care to make up for the lack of energetic support today’s aspect brings and you’ll do just fine.

Got super plans for 2013?  Why not see if you’re aligned with what the Universe has in mind for you with an Astrology or Tarot consultation?  You can book your private consultation here! 

And that’s going to do it for now!  Welcome to the New Year; I wish you every happiness in the days and weeks ahead.

Rich Blessings!


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