Astrology Predictions for 4-10 November 2012



Greetings Friends!

Well, that was a nasty Taurus Full Moon, let me tell you!  I have five celestial bodies in fixed signed (Mars/Taurus–Full Moon hit this one dead on btw, Sun-Uranus/Leo, Neptune/Scorpio and Moon/Aquarius)–so it was no picnic.  The Atlantic super storm Sandy rolled in on the Full Moon tide energy and it was really a catastrophic event–USA worst, as I understand it.  So what lies ahead this week?  The energies are in a waning phase, though it might not feel like it, with the Moon void of course as we begin a new week (and if you’re in the USA remember to turn your clocks back).

Mercury begins a new retrograde (currently at four degrees of Sagittarius) all the way back to 18 degrees of Scorpio; this isn’t the best news for the American elections as Mercury begins its retrograde motion on election day suggesting screwy information/communications.  Just a note about Mercury retrograde; this journey makes our thinking more inwardly focused–we’re more right brained and intuitive–especially once Mercury re-enters Scorpio (14 November 2012).  This is a time of rethinking things, reviewing things with a mind toward making changes later with regards to our intimate ties, dealings with people at a distance, estate concerns and even college studies.  With that in mind take your planner with you everywhere, check and re-check dates and times–remember you’re not the only one who is functioning with less left brained energy these days.  Move more slowly, really think before you act–and back up your computer!

In addition, we’ve got a Last Quarter Moon Tuesday, so this is an energetically challenging week too–at least for the first several days.  Let’s take a closer look at what the week holds (oh, and all of the times listed in this blog are now PST).

Sunday 4 November 2012 (1 Star):  The week begins with an intuitively helpful trine between the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Scorpio at 1:37 AM–and then the Moon is void of course until Monday.  Spending the entire day in the void zone makes it a good day for cleaning up, doing some self-care work and resting.  Just remember to avoid beginning new projects, until the Moon switches signs to Leo on Monday.

Monday 5 November 2012 (2 Stars):  The Moon enters Leo at 11:39 AM and we finally get out of void of course prison!  The first aspect of the day is a stodgy Moon-Saturn square at 6:58 PM, so we’re building all day to this restrictive, pain in the butt energy.  You probably won’t have a lot of choices; where ever the problem(s) may be, your only choice is probably to meet the demand and it will be difficult/unpleasant.  Saturn in Scorpio has morphed into a transformative and stubborn taskmaster (as if he was a sweet heart before–not).  These new energy lessons are intended to make us stronger (but they are also strong–read nasty, medicine); so you’re probably going to need to beef up your self-care routines to cope with the new restrictions and challenges.

On a more pleasant note, your communications work should flow nicely when the Moon trines Mercury at 7:57 PM, plus you’ll have some surprising, out of this world downloads to look forward to when the Moon trines ingenious Uranus at 9:44 PM.  If you need a breakthrough in some area of life, pay attention to the ideas that drop in during the Moon-Uranus aspect.

Moon in Leo colors:  gold, red, orange, yellow, blood red or green.  Crystals/Metals:  gold, diamond, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, or peridot.  Incense/Essential oils:  cinnamon, frankincense, musk, myrrh or sandalwood.

Tuesday 6 November 2012 (2 Stars):  Again with the low energy vibes, so I hope you’re making time for exercise, yoga, meditation and lots of rest.  The Moon sextile Venus at 9:14 AM shines some sweet light on love and money matters for a change while Mercury begins his retrograde at 3:04 PM.  You’ll feel optimistic and perhaps even lucky when the Moon forms a sextile to Jupiter at 3:45 PM.  The Last Quarter Moon (Moon square the Sun at 15 degrees of Leo) arrives at 4:36 PM and we can review where our goals have culminated for the current lunar cycle as well as those that have gone awry.  We will have a New Moon next week and may begin to iron out our challenges at that time–bearing in mind that with a Mercury retrograde we should forestall new endeavors until the middle of December.

Wednesday 7 November 2012 (1 Star):  Despite the low vibes, we’re up and at ’em early thanks to a trine between the Moon and Mars at 7:27 AM, but we’re void of course again after that until 8:35 PM when the Moon finally limps into Virgo.  Best to make this a clean up and organizing day rather than launching some keen new endeavor (Mercury is now retrograde; no moving about the cabin).  An opposition between the Moon and Neptune at 9:15 PM leads to muddled thinking and deceptive information from others; best to put off decisions until we’re clear headed and incoming messages are clear and reliable.

Moon in Virgo colors:  black, blue, tan, brown, gold, gray or green.  Crystals:  jade, peridot, agate, moss agate, or carnelian.  Incense/Essential oils:  patchouli, lavender or sandalwood.

Thursday 8 November 2012 (1 Star):  The prize for record number of low star days during a one week period has to go to this week!  An overly optimistic attitude is likely thanks to a Moon-Jupiter opposition at 12:25 AM; lock up the credit cards and avoid making promises you probably won’t be able to keep.  Love and money are chugging along fairly nicely when the Moon forms a sextile to Venus at 2:29 PM–so, you might want to take your sweet heart for a movie or dinner date (or drop by your favorite salon for some pampering)!

Friday 9 November 2012 (1 Star):  We benefit from a sextile between the Moon and Sun at 3:57 AM; intuitive insights should be captured with a plan for action at a later time.  The rest of the day is spent dealing with frustrations and temperamental folks thanks to a square between the Moon and Mars at 4:27 PM–the Moon is void of course after that last aspect until Saturday morning.  All together we have a number of indicators that really suggest this is a week for introspection, for cleaning up and organizing ourselves–not for major pushes.  We will have a New Moon next week, but for now the energy is becoming lower and lower; take time out to rest and restore.  Those of you who simply cannot wait to launch a project would probably do best to wait for Tuesday’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse (I’ll have more about that next week).

Saturday 10 November 2012 (1 Star):  The Moon enters Libra at 1:35 AM, but unfortunately, we have yet another low vibrational day–self-care to the rescue!  Our mental faculties are percolating as well as can be expected during a Mercury retrograde, so now might be the time to cash in on a Moon-Mercury sextile at 7:06 AM to write, edit and recheck our communications and plans.  Some wild and wooly energy creates surprises, disruptions and shocks thanks to an opposition between the Moon and Uranus at 10:08 AM.  Bosses, VIP’s and menacing types take the upper hand courtesy of a square between the Moon and Pluto at 2:33 PM; best to make yourself scarce when this aspect arrives.  And great news for the Pisceans among you–Neptune, your Sun sign ruler stations direct and will slowly begin forward motion at 11:53 PM.  You may remember Neptune became retrograde 5 June 2012–so we have one more planet giving us a green light!  Projects involving spirituality, art, dance, film, music, photography–and even a secret or two will have more room to run in the next few days–but especially once Mercury stops doing backflips!

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And that’s it for this week–wishing you a safe and peaceful journey till next time.

Rich Blessings!


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