Astrology Predictions Monday thru Tuesday (8-9 October 2012)


Greetings Friends!

Despite the waning Moon in home loving Cancer, it’s time to get back to school and work.  The Moon will switch its tune to Leo Tuesday night bringing a sunny energy to our mid-week work agenda, but for now we may be a bit emotional as we slide into the last few days of this lunar cycle.  Monday is a three star day and Tuesday a one star day.  With the dark of the Moon phase beginning Thursday evening, our energy may feel a bit low, so try to plan as much self-care as you can as you move through this work week with effortless ease.

Flirtatious, determined, proud and passionate, the Moon transiting through Leo favors all fire sign natives (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius).  Join the fun by wearing your favorite gold, green, red, orange or yellow togs and then add a few tiger’s eye, peridot, bloodstone, topaz or rose quart crystals to enliven your energy.  You can boost your energy further with sandalwood, frankincense, amber or myrrh essential oils or incense for personal benefit or to spice up a romantic rendezvous!

Monday 10 October 2012 an annoying and potentially sleep interrupting square between the Moon and Uranus at 12:17 AM implies you prepare for bed with the regular suspects:  melatonin, lavender essential oil, and a sleep mp3 or two along with the hope that the baby sleeps soundly and or the neighbors keep it down (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Your written and spoken creativity abounds thanks to the Sun conjoining Mercury at 5:44 AM; why not begin the day with a brainstorm session for your key projects?  Once done with your masterfully creative list, head to the gym and take advantage of the trine between the Moon and Mars at 9:05 AM before you scoot off to school or to work.  Lastly, finish the day capturing some additional intuitive tidbits when the Moon forms a sextile to the Sun at 10:54 PM; you can call it a night after your intuitive download or plan the best times to take action on your new insights–your pick!

Tuesday 11 October 2012 you may find yourself suffering from monkey mind when the Moon forms a sextile to Mercury at 12:22 AM; while it’s great if you’re burning the midnight oil for writing and communication projects, it may not be great for those who want to sleep.  See Monday night’s list of sleep aids if insomnia descends upon you.  The rest of the day will likely be spent dealing with a delay inducing square between the Moon and Saturn at 2:58 PM; plan on being very patient today as delays, snags and other challenges are likely.

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We’re counting down to a New Moon on Saturday, join me here Wednesday morning for the latest astrological scoop as we prepare to reboot and renew!  Wishing you happiness, prosperity and love.



Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (5-7 October 2012)


Greetings Friends!

The weekend is on the horizon as we say goodbye to the waning (thank you Duane!) Gemini Moon on Friday and say hello to the Moon in Cancer arriving Saturday evening.  From a chatty, sociable Friday we become a bit more introspective and benefit from the warmth and security of our nest Saturday night.  So get out your party shoes Friday evening and enjoy a bit of fun, but plan on spending Saturday and Sunday in more family oriented activity.

Friday and Saturday are five star days; albeit Saturday does have a lengthy void of course period, and Sunday is a one star day.  Knock out your priority items Friday, relax Saturday and Sunday–cancel any important activities, there just isn’t a lot of Celestial support to get a great outcome.

The Moon in Cancer benefits Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces natives, but we can play along with them by wearing shades of blue, green, sea green, smoke gray or white.   Moonstone, clear or rose quartz or carnelian crystals offer emotional support and balance during this transit while gardenia, honeysuckle, tuberose, or violet essential oils or incense create a mellow mood that you will find comforting during the Cancer Moon transit.

Friday 5 October 2012 organized thought, planning and communication projects benefit from the Mercury-Saturn conjunction at 2:44 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT.)  Mercury enters Scorpio at 3:35 AM and our thinking processes become deep, penetrating and focused on the details, not the superficialities, of life.  Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo natives, brace yourself; Saturn moves into Scorpio at 1:33 PM.  Can you remember what challenges you experienced between 2005 and 2008?  Well, this is a new riff on a new set of soul lessons; be forewarned.

Luck and good fortune arrive in the form of a Moon-Jupiter conjunction at 2:08; note that the Moon is void of course after that last aspect until 5:45 PM Saturday when it enters Cancer. Your intuition may be stellar when Mercury trines Neptune at 3:07 PM; a trip to a favorite museum, jazz club, or even worship at your favorite spiritual center also benefits from this aspect.

Saturday 6 October 2012 your organizational, planning or de-cluttering skills can be put to great use when the Moon trines Saturn at 6:02 PM.  Your intuitive insight continues to be on point when the Moon trines Neptune at 7:09 PM and your favorite jazz club or spiritual center may beckon to you at this time as well.  Mars move into Sagittarius at 8:21 PM so expect long distance travel, legal concerns or people at or from a distance to pop up and demand more of your attention now till 17 November 2012.  A late night chat, some time spent on communication or writing projects or just catching up on some favorite reading is likely when the Moon trines Mercury at 11:09 PM.

Sunday 7 October 2012 harmony settles in again with love and money matters when the Moon forms a sextile to Venus at 3:29 AM, but we hit a wall with stubborn, wild and wacky behavior from others when the Moon squares Uranus at 6:15 AM; don’t bother arguing with them, they aren’t going to listen.  Power plays and other unappreciated manipulations from VIP’s or bosses may greet you early this morning due to a Moon-Pluto opposition at 7:55 AM.  Listen to what they require and seek win-win solutions that benefit everybody rather than rooting strictly for your personal causes.  Passive aggressive or sneaky behavior on the part of others may be a source of irritation thanks to a Mars-Neptune square at 7:12 PM; watch what they say, not what they do to know what the real deal is.  And…

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Get ready for the work week, join me here Monday morning when I’ll discuss the energy of the Last Quarter Moon arriving tout suite!  Wishing you love, happiness and success!


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Astrology Predictions for Wednesday thru Thursday (3-4 October 2012)


Greetings Friends!

The waning Moon in Taurus brings some challenging energy as we hit mid-week.  Wednesday is a zero star day and Thursday a one star day with a void of course period and a change of sign to Gemini, so get out your aromatherapy oils, your yoga mat and do a bit of meditation work to keep your energy up.

Adaptable, charming, witty, perceptive and sociable–that’s Gemini.  Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) get the best benefit from this transit, but the rest of us can join the fun by wearing orange, yellow, black, blue, light gray or green clothes or accessories.  Jade, agate, moss agate, aquamarine and quartz crystals help you keep up with the quick witted Gemini vibe as will mint, lavender or lemon verbena essential oils or incense.

Wednesday 3 October 2012 boasts only one aspect and it’s a deceptive, fuzzy brained Venus-Neptune opposition at 3:28 PM.  Hold off on making any important decisions as you may not think clearly or receive accurate enough information to make a good decision on key matters.

Thursday 4 October 2012 we get a sleep depriving Moon-Mars opposition at 12:44 AM; load up on the melatonin and lavender essential oils to offset Mars’ action oriented energy and get a good night sleep (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  More brain addling confusion arrives in the form of a square between the Moon and Neptune at 6:17 AM; reason number two to hold off on making key decisions, since it’s obvious we’re not grounded enough to do a great job.  College studies, legal documents, affairs with people at a distance, religious and spiritual studies all are impacted by Jupiter beginning retrograde motion at 6:18 AM.  Review, rethink and reconsider what your truths are and revamp your personal philosophy, legal choices and dealings with folks at a distance now through the end of year.  Money and love matters require careful handling when the Moon squares Venus at 7:56 AM; obstacles and disagreements begin to thaw early Sunday morning, so have discussion before bed Saturday evening (6 October 2012).

Get together with friends for wild wacky fun and be on the look out for ingenious downloads, creative insights or even shocking news when the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus at 5:39 PM.

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Next up to bat–the Friday report along with everything you need to know to make your weekend the best it can be.  Join me here Friday morning for all the juicy details!  Wishing you love, joy and success!


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