Astrology Predictions for Sunday 28 October thru 3 November 2012



Greetings Friends!

Well, here we go, the first full week of predictions and it seems only right that it would be the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon week.  I’ll be looking for feedback on how you like this new format and what you like or don’t like about the changes, but enough of that, let’s get to the details.  And, of course, the times indicated in this blog are PDT.

Sunday 28 October 2012 the waxing Moon enters Taurus at 11:15 PM on a zero star day.  We begin with a potentially volatile Mars opposition to Jupiter at 5:56 AM, so it might be a good idea to keep a low profile in the early hours of the day.  Venus, the ruler of Taurus and Libra, enters Libra at 6:04 AM–which stars a nice window of opportunity for meeting new romantic interests–keep in mind the upcoming Mercury retrograde and don’t nail yourself to the floor with anyone–old or new, until mid-December of this year (Note:  a retrograde Mercury often brings people or issues from the past circling round again; just sayin’).  Not to be outdone, Mercury enters Sagittarius at 11:18 PM; communications from people at a distance, long distance travel for yourself/others, college studies and legal situations are possible communication topics until Mercury begins its retrograde madness 6 November 2012 and returns to Scorpio for another round of intense thoughts and communications (also the day of the Presidential elections in the USA; this should be interesting).

Colors:  Spring green, blue, pink, turquoise, or yellow.  Crystals:  jade, peridot, chrysoprase, coral, red coral, or turquoise.  Incense/Essential oils:  vanilla, rose, violet or patchouli.

Monday 29 October 2012 the Moon sextile Neptune at 12:04 AM can bring precognitive dreams or creative ideas into your dreams so keep a pad of paper and a pen near the bed to capture these bits of information before they slip away (and it’s a two star day).  The needs of others may feel restrictive when the Moon opposes Saturn at 4:55 AM, but on a Full Moon day compromise is always your best option.  Never the less, due to the early morning timing of this aspect, you may find it best to be up early to attend to the day’s requirements.  Strange stories that make absolutely no sense, muddled thinking or other unusual issues plague humanity when Mercury squares Neptune at 10:41 AM; best not to make any promises or sign agreements at this time.  The Full Moon clocks in at 12:49 PM (at 6 degrees of Taurus) and something may come to light about something or someone we value–be it love, money or some other valued situation, person or thing.  We can visualize, affirm and otherwise intend our future good to powerful effect when the Moon trines Pluto, ruler of Scorpio at 2:01 PM.  The Moon is void of course until almost lunch time Wednesday after that last aspect, so don’t launch any important initiatives until then.

Tuesday 30 October 2012 offers one lonely aspect all day, a sextile between the Sun and Pluto at 3:28 AM; you may have powerful creative plans waiting to be birthed–remember to wait until the Moon enters Gemini on Wednesday.  Let’s call it a three star day, due to the lack of aspects and the long void of course period.

Wednesday 31 October 2012 the Moon finally flits into Gemini at 11:40 AM and it somehow seems appropriate that the Moon gets into a square with ghostly Neptune at 12:28 PM on this day–definitely a sign that things are not what they appear to be (this is also a two star day folks).  Someone may be less than honest with you now and your emotions aren’t necessarily clear about things, so don’t sign any agreements and make no promises for now.  You’ll get news you could probably live without when the Moon opposes Mercuryy at 3:55 PM, but compromise with others is a possibility.  Make plans to have some fun with a loved one when the Moon trines Venus at 8:33 PM–nothing like a sexy outfit and a Halloween romp when Venus and the Moon are singing a sweet tune.  You may stir up some sparks while you’re at it; the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus at 10:30 PM; let your hair down and have fun!  Happy Halloween/Samhain!

Colors:  Yellow, orange, orange, pink, black or blue.  Crystals:  agate, moss agate, apophyllite, emerald or moonstone.  Incense/Essential oils:  mint, lavender or dragon’s blood.

Thursday 1 November 2012 is a three star day and we welcome a new month with unsettling energy when Venus opposes Uranus at 3:06 PM, opposites attract–the question is it someone or something we want?   This aspect could mean love or money issues may be popping up in unsettling or surprising ways (always fun); but the Moon conjoins Jupiter at 6:18 PM suggesting that a blanket of good fortune will be spread over the problems, so alls well that ends well.

Friday 2 November 2012 bring the melatonin and lavender oil to bed to combat the restless energy of a the Moon opposing Mars at 2:21 AM, can you tell it’s a zero star day?  The Moon is void of course after that aspect, so we spend the rest of the day in void of course la-la land.

Saturday 3 November 2012 the Moon enters Cancer at 12:43 AM and thoughts of home, family and security predominate for the next day or two, oh and it’s a two star day; sweet dreams, even precognitive dreams arrive thanks to a Moon-Neptune trine at 1:30 AM; you’ve got your pen and paper at the ready, right?  Get your home office or other messy areas under control and plan key projects when the Moon trines Saturn at 7:43 AM.  Manipulation in love or money matters will be anything but subtle when Venus squares Pluto at 10:26 AM; compromise is unlikely, neutral corners may be best for awhile.  Shocks, surprises, wild or inappropriate behavior abounds when shock meister Uranus gets into a square with the Moon at 11:20 AM; the Moon in Cancer may make some people more emotional than usual–so be warned.

Bosses or VIP’s throw their weight around a bit when the Moon opposes Pluto at 3:54 PM; diplomacy and compromise are your best bets on this challenging energy day.  It’s an unhappy love or money day to boot; the Moon squares Venus at 4:31 PM.

Colors:  blue, green, gray green, sea green, white or silver.  Crystals:  Clear or rose quartz, moonstone, pearls, opal or tiger’s eye crystals.  Incense/Essential oils:  jasmine, rose, sandalwood or violet.

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And that’s going to do it for the end of October 2012…let me know your thoughts about having the predictions a week in advance–does it help or make no difference?  I’m very curious to see what you think.  See you next week and…

Rich Blessings!


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