Saturday Self Care

Greetings Friends!

It’s been an interesting week, a challenging week.  I have been under upper cervical chiropractic care for several months and I’m learning how to hold my adjustments.  I’ve really become far more awake to how the ups and downs of life impact my body, because even when I don’t say it’s been a tough week, my body will tell my doctor.  Oh, by the way, the adjustments don’t hurt at all.

We have a Full Moon coming up on Monday and if you’re feeling the stress and strain of life of late, do take some time to walk, do yoga, rest or meditate.  Be well; it is an honor to be of service to you.

Rich Blessings!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Self Care

  1. you may also find your adjustments holding better if you soak regularly in hot Epsom salt baths … 2-3 cups/decent sized bathtub, water as warm as you can comfortably take it, 10-15 minutes is plenty.

    this assumes you do not have a heart condition. if you’re over 50 or have a history of heart issues in your family, best to get clearance from a doc before overheating yourself as these baths will do.



    • I agree; I had the benefit of working with an excellent yoga therapist–an amazing teacher. I moved away and so don’t have a new teacher, but I look forward to finding someone to work with soon. Namaste!

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