Astrology Predictions for Wednesday thru Thursday (17-18 October 2012)


Greetings Friends!

We will spend most of Wednesday wandering in la-la land thanks to an extremely long void of course Moon (remember not to begin new activities until after the Moon enters Sagittarius); the Moon eventually lopes into Sagittarius at 5:26 PM.  Be prepared for a zero star day Wednesday and a two star day Thursday.  Here is a  quick meditation  for you to try if you start to feel stressed out at mid-week.

Charisma, optimism, freedom and honesty are the rule when the Moon transits through Sagittarius.  Shades of deep or bright blue, purple, gold, or mauve have enough pizzazz to be worthy of this transit.  Lapis lazuli, malachite, opal, or amethyst crystals offer the depth of color and richness a Sagittarian Moon demands while sage, dragon’s blood, frankincense or ginger essential oils and incense invigorate you or add spice to your romantic evenings.

Wednesday 17 October 2012 the Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:26 PM and we finally get out of void of course prison (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  The Moon square Neptune at 6:17 PM suggests you not take current offers too seriously; missing or deceptive details and even clouded thinking make this a poor time for decision making.

Thursday 18 October interesting downloads, shocks or surprises may jar you awake when the Moon trines Uranus at 2:50 AM–be sure to bring the melatonin and lavender essential oil to bed with you to assist in getting a good night’s sleep.  An energizing Moon-Mars conjunction at 6:41 AM has you up and moving so get in some exercise before you head off to the office or to school.  If your needs  and wants are in opposition to a greater good (or reason), you can blame it on the Moon-Jupiter opposition; be conservative in your expectations and compromise with others in order to make this challenging aspect work better.

Do you need more clarity with regard to a relationship, money or career matter?  Schedule your private Astrology or Tarot consultation here!  And don’t forget to check in this coming Friday for the weekend update–we have a new lunar cycle and you’ll want to be in the know in time to schedule your important projects and weekend activities.  I’m looking forward to seeing you Friday, so till then…

Rich Blessings!


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