Astrology Predictions for Wednesday thru Thursday (5-6 September 2012)

Greetings Friends!

Well most of the kids are back to school now that the Labor Day holiday has wrapped up here in the US and that means we are officially into September and bracing for the Last Quarter Moon this weekend.  The waning Moon in Taurus is void of course Wednesday around lunch time and doesn’t enter Gemini until tomorrow night–so be prepared for these two days to be mostly about clean up, rest up or throw out activity.  Wednesday is a three star day and Thursday a one star day–you’ll probably benefit if you take advantage of this energetic lull by resting, taking the time to meditate, exercise and eat well.

Wednesday 5 September 2012 begins with an early morning sextile between Mercury and Mars at 1:06 AM; be prepared for late night talks, monkey mind or a sudden urge to work on some project in the wee hours of the morning (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Lavender essential oil, light yoga, sleepy time tea or sleep CD’s might be welcome to help you get/stay asleep.  This is especially true since the Moon tags Mars with an opposition at 1:08 AM and restlessness may set in after you go to bed; last, but not least, the Moon trines Mercury at 1:08 AM too, making this morning a shoe-in for insomniacs everywhere, unfortunately.  When you do finally find yourself up and moving about, make note of intuitive prompts as the Moon trines the Sun at 11:54 AM–you’ll want to act on those hunches at an appropriate time.  Just know the Moon is void of course after that last aspect and won’t be back on track until Thursday evening; try to avoid starting new projects during this period.

Thursday 6 September Venus enters Leo at 7:48 AM, bringing warmth, romance and beauty to our love nature now through 3 October 2012; fire and air natives (Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini) may find this a boon if they are on the hunt for love.  Aquarians, however, just might find new love under this placement a bit of a challenge.  The Moon finally enters Gemini at 9:10 PM bringing humanity’s focus to dealings with siblings, communications projects and or local travel for the next several days.  A Moon-Venus sextile at 10:31 AM offers a bit of a boost to love and money matters while a square between the Moon and Neptune at 11:58 PM may bring news of deceptive dealings from others or a lack of clarity in key areas of concern for you; avoid making decisions at this time as foggy thinking and deceptive information could lead you in the wrong direction.

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The Last Quarter Moon arrives Saturday as we move into the final lap of this lunar cycle; join me Friday for the inside scoop on both Friday’s aspects as well as the energy for your weekend.  Take care and till next time…

Rich Blessings!


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