Astrology Predictions for Monday thru Tuesday (27-28 August 2012)

Greetings Friends,

We say goodbye to August 2012 and hello to a Full Moon this week.  The Full Moon in Pisces is a Blue Moon and the second Full Moon this month. Blue Moons are relatively rare, occurring only once every two to three years.   They are believed to be a powerful time for bringing our desired goals to fruition.  You can make use of this energy with your law of attraction, visualization and practical work this week–especially if you’re working on hidden/secret things, creative projects that involve art, music, film or dance or are just wanting to rev up your spiritual know how.

In terms of the work week, we begin with no nonsense Capricorn at the helm.  Organization, perseverance, and a focus on our personal career goals is what’s up to bat.  Both Monday and Tuesday are zero star days–which is not unusual energy as we approach the Full Moon.  Eat well, try to get in seven to eight hours of sleep as a minimum, meditate, exercise, etc., to forestall dips in your vibration and to maintain a centered focus through the week.

Monday 27 August 2012 has only one aspect, an opposition between the Moon and Venus (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  You can expect a need for balance in your love and money responsibilities.  Compromise is your keyword for the day; no pouting if you can’t have it your way.  The need for compromise will continue to build as we move toward Friday’s Full Moon.

Tuesday 28 August 2012 begins with the energy of a Moon-Saturn square; responsibilities, difficulties with partners or other challenges may be piling on the stress for you (or someone close to you).  Take a time out if you need to and remember to get as much self-care work in as you can to counter the low vibrational energies.  Be prepared for angry outbursts and or hurt feelings from some quarter when the Moon squares feisty Mars; pressure is building and the people around you may take it out on those near to hand (in other words, you).  Let it pass, you’ll have no energetic support for useful conversation, so take it easy and look to discuss the challenges after the Full Moon.

Have you signed up for my monthly astrological ezine?  All the astrological news for September drops into inboxes 1 September 2012, so sign up today!  And if you need insights into a personal love, money or career issue, book your private Astrological or Tarot consultation here.

We’ll be that much closer to the end of the work week–and a Full Moon come Wednesday.  Join me for what promises to be a high energy Wednesday and the ramp up for the Full Moon.  Until then I wish you…

Rich Blessings!



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