Astrology Predictions for Monday thru Tuesday (6-7 August 2012)

Greetings Friends!

We are back in the Monday work saddle with the waning Moon transiting through red hot Aries.  While Aries likes to move fast, we are still in  Mercury retrograde la la land for another day.  Keep in mind that just because a planet returns to forward motion doesn’t mean it immediately returns to the spot it began its backward movement; we won’t hit that spot till 22 August.  I find that last leg of the retrograde spiral is often where the things previously hidden from view pop up, forcing a change in plans or strategy, so be on guard and avoid signing contracts, starting new jobs, etc, until 22 August.

Monday is a three star day and Tuesday is a zero star day–which means it’s a good idea to pencil in some self care meditation, exercise, aromatherapy, Reiki etc. as we begin the new work week.

Moon in Aries gives a boost to all fire sign natives (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius).  It can be a challenging energy for Cancer, Libra and Capricorn however; do your best Arian impersonation by wearing pink, red, orange, blood red or white accessories or clothing and try bloodstone, carnelian, amethyst, or coral crystals to keep temper in check and the need for speed to a minimum.  Likewise copal, myrrh, dragon’s blood, cinnamon or frankincense scents can also help you keep your cool in the August heat.

Monday 6 August 2012 the Moon squares Pluto at 4:04 AM; don’t be surprised if people seem a tad more angry or manipulative as you begin your day–hit the yoga mat first thing so that you don’t have to join them (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  The Moon conjoins Uranus at 5:51 AM which could make for some out of sight meditative moments–if you’re up early, that is.  This might be worth an early morning wake up call–particularly if you’re working on creative projects or could use some problem solving clues from the Universe.  Good fortune and a general feeling of good luck visits humanity in the form of a sextile between the Moon and Jupiter at 11:29 AM.  Creatives get another shot at intuitive advice from the Universe when the Moon and the Sun trine one another at 6:45 PM; take good notes so you can act on the advice at the appropriate time.
Tuesday 7 August about the only good news we get today is that Mercury stops doing back flips, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  The Moon in opposition to Mars at 4:27 AM is yet another opportunity for people to wake up frustrated or angry.  You’ll have a better chance at cooling off (yourself or someone near and dear) if you’re open to compromise.  Venus enters Cancer at 6:43 AM bringing an increased focus to the state of love in your home/family and the beauty or appearance of your digs.  If you’re thinking things should be spruced up–now is the time!  Be prepared to deal with work or other burdensome issues related to the needs of your mate or other partners as the Moon opposes Saturn at 1:04 PM; this is another scenario where compromise is probably your best bet for dealing with challenges.  And last, but not least, Mercury makes its direct station in preparation for a return to forward motion–only 15 days left before we can call this retrograde history!

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Rich Blessings!




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